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NubeBuster is the founder of and


At some point in 2012, NubeBuster found a bug in minecraft. It was minecraft version 1.2.3. If you shift clicked coal into a furnace, you would get a saving chunks error. Confusion sparked the start of curiosity for programming. Not much later NubeBuster decided to learn how to modify minecraft. He used NotePad++ and started modifying the code as instructed on a YouTube guide. It took a few hours, but he added a sugar block. That was the point where NubeBuster got addicted to programming.


Somewhere in 2013, NubeBuster started working with CallumBeasty, formerly known as TraxPvP, on a KitPvP server. It gained a bunch of players and was the start of NubeBuster developing Spigot plugins.


NubeBuster is currently working on SkyGrid, an addition to SkyWars.

Musical tastes

Never Gonna Give You Up