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Spawners are generated randomly all over the map of SkyGrid. They are one of the best money making blocks in the game.


Spawners spawn between y=30 to y=100. Different types have different rarities. You can find aquatic mob spawners in ocean biomes.



Money making using Spawners

Spawners can be used for making high efficiency mob grinders. The mob drops can be sold in the SkyGrid Menu to make money.


Spawners can be upgraded with SkyCoins by right-clicking the block. The command /chunkspec is used to go into spectator mode to upgrade spawners if you've already made a mob grinder.
You can upgrade:

  • the range the player needs to be in for the spawner to be active
  • the range mobs are spawned in
  • the minimum delay in ticks between spawns
  • the maximum delay in ticks between spawns
  • the amount of monsters spawned per cycle
  • the maximum amount of nearby monsters

The spawn range and player range are displayed with barrier particles when you right-click the spawner block. Using these upgrades you can setup multi-spawners from spawners that are placed or generated close to eachother. With higher upgrades the price gets higher.