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SkyWars and SkyGrid are part of a network made by NubeBuster.


NubeBuster started development of the skywars server somewhere in 2013. He joined an application for developing a SkyWars server under the assignment of some MCPvP youtuber. After realising he was competing with about five other people, he decided to go on his own. Released skywars servers at the time were laggy and lacked features. The main focus was to make a lag-free skywars server. This all worked out and the server began gaining popularity after the release of a viral video made by Koenie, one of his childhood friends. The server gained about 60,000 unique players in the year following the video. Eventually the playerbase died off, after lack of maintenance on NubeBuster's end. He had to focus on school.

Skip forward a few seasons and re-releases of the server and you are at the present. Discord has become the meta for gaming communities. This is an easier way to keep track and keep a hold onto the playerbase. Running google ads seems to be a good way to gain new players... Let's see what the retention is.