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SkyWars is the main gamemode of the network developed by NubeBuster.

Padoga SkyWars map

Skywars is a multiplayer PvP game where each player starts off on a separate island and tries to battle each other like in PvP. The main goal is to be the last person or team alive to win. There is a middle, a larger island that contains chests with better loot.

Join the server

To connect to the server, click to copy and paste it in your Minecraft server browser.

Useful commands

command description aliases
spectate <player> spectate players playing skywars spec
join join a game of skywars j
leave go to the skywars lobby hub, l, spawn
vote vote for free rewards and support the server
kit <kitname> choose a kit for in skywars. Kitname optional perks, kits
report <playername> report a cheating player to admins
discord get a link to our Discord server

Coming from SkyWars Commands


We also have a SkyGrid server in addition to the SkyWars. The SkyGrid server is economy based and the currency is SkyCoins. This currency is cross-server with SkyWars.

It's mixing with survival games and skyblock, you or your team have to build your own base and fight against the other and become rich !



The SkyWars is a multiplayer survival game, where multiple players are opposed on different islands. The goal is to be the last one alive, to do so there are multiple techniques that you will discover during your first game.

There is a chest on every island with stuff inside of it, rush the main island (center) to get better loot, and PVP other players to win the game.

NOW let's be the last one alive. GOOD LUCK


In order to custom the game mode as far as we can, There are unlockable kits available from Cloud cases in the server, who allowed you have exclusive items or perks during your games.

Please note kits are different depending on your game mode. If you want more details about kits, please check out the kits page.


There are some different ranks on Skywars.Fun, depending on how did you help the server if you did. Please check out the rank page for more details.


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