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When you start off, you need to gather resources. After you have a simple base set up, you can take a look at the SkyGrid Menu which contains the shop. Type /menu You can earn money from selling items that you farm. Making big farms results in big profits. But if you sell too many of an item, their value drops. Check the shop before choosing which farm you are going to make.

  • In the later game you can use spawners to make mob grinders. You can upgrade spawners using SkyCoins
  • Mining ores (preferrably with fortune III) is a pretty good money maker
  • Looting from mob grinders with Looting III is recommended for more drops.
  • Automating farms and having them near your base results in passive income.

Types of farms

Killing monsters with looting III enchantment gives more loot
Fully automatic sugar cane farm
Farming honeycombs from bees is very profitable

Making different farms is better because the price fluctuates on how much is sold of an item. The following farms are examples:

  • Bamboo
  • Sugar cane
  • Honey comb
  • spawners - skeleton, zombie, creeper, enderman, spider, salmon etc.
  • crops - wheat, poatatoes, beetroot, carrot etc.
  • Melons/Pumpkins
  • Cactus

Making them automatic means you earn passive money while making the next farm. Make sure to claim the chunks with your farms to prevent griefing.