SkyWars Starters Guide


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SkyWars is a multiplayer survival game, where multiple players are spawned on different islands. The goal is to be the last one alive, to do so there are multiple techniques that you will discover during your first game.

There is a chest on every island with items inside, rush the main island (center) to get better loot, and kill other players to win the game.

May the odds be ever in your favour!

The center also called the main island or middle is where you can a lot of stuff. There are around 5-20 chests on this island. The center of the map and also the place that favors the most PVP because all the players rush to get stuff, so be careful.

Cloud Cases
By playing skywars you get Cloud Tokens. Cloud Tokens can be used to open Cloud Cases. You can get all kinds of loot from that. Ranging from cosmetics coins to kits to skyblock items. You can also complete quests to get tokens.



There are unlockable kits available from Cloud Cases on the server, that allow you to have exclusive items or perks during your games.
If you want more details about kits, do /kit and hover over the items in the menu.